Experts in human interaction… experts in meetings and events.

Our expertise in managing corporate meetings and annual convention-type events will make you feel comfortable with face-to-face, virtual and hybrid events and meeting planning.

Whether you're hosting 20, 200 or more, launching a new product, hosting a national sales meeting, creating a special customer event, MRCO Company can help you create the experience that's right for you.
We work with the one-size-fits-all approach that is never right for everyone to make sure the experience is one that meets your goals.


Gather your sales team? Use time effectively to unleash their potential, expand their knowledge, recognize their accomplishments, and schedule time for collaboration. From the right venue selection, to increasing engagement using our technologies, to the effective use of networking, we run a meeting that re-energizes performance.



Ultimately, create an affinity with your brand. Discover the power of the combination of high impact venues, interactivity, best-in-class speakers, renowned entertainment, mobile technology integration and community service projects to engage, motivate and you connect to your audience.



The power of human interaction, product demonstrations and testimonials is unmatched. New product innovations fuel business. You need to educate, train, and motivate your employees, channel partners, the media, and consumers to ensure success. We can help you win the market.



Unique, “once in a lifetime” events can have a significant impact on the promotion of a product, service, cause or organization. The one that will give a brand-centric impression will be remembered and create enthusiasm.



We provide end-to-end meeting and event management. Our design approach ensures your audience stays fully engaged and your business results are delivered. Our service portfolio covers all aspects of large meetings , from procurement and planning to post-event evaluation, providing a holistic approach. All elements of the program are managed in-house, providing a seamless experience for planners and participants.

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Strategic meeting management, Design, virtual experiences: including virtual meetings, events, trade shows and conferences, Communication and content consultation, Strategic sourcing and contract negotiations, Event management and on-site evaluation, Services of Travel & Ground Transportation, Technology Support, Attendee Registration & Management, Mobile Technology, Budget Management & Reconciliation, Crisis / Due Diligence Management Program Measurement (ROI) Gifts & Convenience, Social Media Management, Supplier Management

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We have strong relationships with all the major hotel chains, hundreds of independent properties, destination management companies around the world, airlines and transportation companies who share our commitment to service. These relationships, our influence in the industry and our volume of business give us enormous bargaining power. You are the beneficiary.