Team-Building is so important post-covid

Updated: Mar 13

Post-covid team building is essential to revive the internal atmosphere of the company after the last 2 years of instability. Telecommuting, confinement, despite the prowess of technology with virtual events, life in front of the screen was different from the live one. Then, at a time when everything is starting again outside the screen, finding the habits in the office is not easy for everyone.

A team building is the best way to get everyone back to the same level of productivity in this post-covid period. However, certain practices for planning this type of event must change. You have a duty to preserve the safety and health of all participants. The impactful aspect of the concept must also be emphasized.

3 tips for a successful post-covid team building

First, choose an outdoor location for your post-covid team building. This type of space sets the backdrop, atmosphere, tone and energy of any good concept.

Your employees won't forget the view at the top once they've climbed the mountain, literally. The fresh air does wonders for clearing the mind and getting a fresh start. On the sanitary side, a large space greatly reduces the risk of contamination.

Second tip for a post-covid team building: focus on quality, not quantity. For safety reasons, small gatherings are recommended instead of large ones. You may need to organize small events for each department instead of a large company meeting. This will promote conviviality and camaraderie. Plus, people will feel more comfortable in a small community.

Even though the post-covid phase is still in effect, don't let that stop you from offering a memorable team building. To create good memories, plan fun and unifying activities. Sports tournaments, life-size construction games, escape games, the choices are numerous. Choose activities that make you move even if they get dirty. They should stimulate team spirit and help overcome challenges. It's time to eliminate the negative effects of months of excessive television viewing.

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